Monday, August 27, 2007

Purple Basketweave Socks

Finished at long last. These have remained stubbornly resistant to both completion and photography so I'm delighted to report that they have finally submitted to both. As you know, there's a bit of a story behind these, but just now let's simply enjoy the photos.

The essential facts:
  • Pattern is an eight-stitch basketweave affair from the immortal Sensational Knitted Socks.
  • Yarn is Angel Yarns hand-dyed 4ply sock yarn in Chocolate Plum. I absolutely love its tweedy appearance, with flecks of purple & brown. Perfectly titled shade. Delicious.
  • Knit on 64sts, on two circs of 2.5mm. Heel flap on 32sts and wedge toe.

I started these in April, unbelievably, and they are a long overdue birthday present for my dad.

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