Sunday, August 12, 2007

Late-night update on Green Silk Happiness

I put in 12 hours of work today (Sunday) so it has been a slow knitting weekend. However, I can report some progress on my most favourite project to date, Green Silk Happiness. As you'll recall, this is from a StitchDiva pattern, the famous 'Simple Knitted Bodice', and I'm making it in the suggested yarn: Tilli Tomas Pure & Simple silk for the main body, and TT Disco Lights sequinned silk for the trim, both in Lime Zing.

The garment is knit from the top down, in the round. As you can see, I've joined the ends of the flat piece I was knitting, to form a V-neck. I've left the live stitches for the sleeves on lifeline threads. And I've just started the trim, which will turn into three or four inches of spangly lime lace. It is getting a lot of attention from me at the moment, because I have run out of teal yarn for the Baby Surprise Jacket I'm making, and because I cannot resist the call of anything that kitsch.

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