Sunday, July 29, 2007

Photo shoot: Completed Phildar Nautical Button Sweater

At last, the longed-for day has come! The Phildar Nautical Button Sweater is finished and officially a wearable garment, as of right now. When I look at it, I see all the individual pieces, the many evenings of persistent knitting in hotel rooms around Europe and the United States. A couple of nights in Indianapolis, a couple more in Detroit and you have a sleeve. Frog it all in Paris and start again in Hamburg. It is the most well-travelled sweater I own, and I haven't worn it anywhere yet.

Here are the final moments of the story:

All stitched up and ready to go

On the blocking board. I was scared to try it on in case it didn't fit. I wanted a snug, curve-enhancing 'sweater girl' fit - so after the seam allowance we were in negative ease territory and I was terrified it was going to be too small.

Close-up of the buttoned strap over the right shoulder. The buttons affix the strap to the raglan, but the strap serves no functional purpose, it's purely decorative.

Close-up of the left shoulder, showing the raglan that's underneath that buttoned strap. Absy wanted to know if I'd made any changes to the pattern to simplify it, since it requires a lot of seams. I only made one change. Absy, take a look at that ribbed raglan section below:

If I'd followed the pattern exactly, that band of raglan ribbing would be two bands: same length but half the width. There would be a seam up the centre of the band, joining them together. I did not fancy knitting 8 thin strips and sewing those centre seams, so I made four strips twice the thickness instead. They stitched neatly into the armpit, no problem.

Live Model
And here I am, proudly modelling my sweater-girl sweater in the garden. It fits well and clings to the waist and bust just as I'd hoped. I am happy.


Aberdonian said...

Oooh, that's such a fantastic sweater and well worth the effort! And I agree with the pattern change. I do NOT fancy stitching 8 bands! I was even thinking of doing only 2 bands. Do you think that's doable or better still to do 4 bands?

Anyway, it's a very nice jumper and it does fit you nicely! Well done!

RachelL said...

Absy, thanks so much for your nice comments!

Re the raglan bands: you'll definitely need 4 because there are four places to attach them to (join right sleeve to back, right sleeve to front, left sleeve to back, left sleeve to front).

Re the neck band: I followed the instructions and that entailed making four pieces: two long strips for front and back, two short strips which go across the shoulders. This could have been accomplished all in one long neck band but frankly I do prefer the four-piece neckband because it gives it a square-ish structure which suits the design of the rest of the garment.

Final note: check how long your raglans are before you sew up. My jumper is a wee bit tight under the arms and this is because I knitted the sleeves first, to size one. Which happens to turn out fine for overall sleeve length but I could have done with an extra inch under the armpit.

I hope you're having a great holiday and I cannot WAIT to see your Phildar jumper when you return to it!

Fiona said...

That looks really great! It was definitely worth the work you put into it.