Sunday, July 22, 2007

Green silk happiness

Hi folks

There has been knitting progress aplenty since we last spoke. First, I'm very happy to report that all the actual knitting on the Phildar Nautical Button Sweater is now complete and it has gone into the Finishing Basket. Here are the sleeves, pinned out & blocking yesterday.

I ought to be overjoyed because it is very nearly finished and just in need of drying & sewing up. However, I know I am procrastinating. It is probably dry enough to sew up today, but I am kidding myself the sleeves are still damp, so I can put it off. I am a little afraid of finishing it. I think the thing is: (a) it is going to be complicated to sew up because there are millions of small straps holding it together; (b) because of said straps I haven't been able to try it on at any point and I'm afraid it won't fit. I have no special reason to believe it won't fit - but this is the first sweater I've made for a while, it was an absolute festival of frogging and redesigning, and now I'm afraid that when the big moment comes and I have to wear it, it won't fall perfectly into place. Fortunately a new WIP has come to distract me. Let the PNB sweater sit damply on the blocking board a while longer.

The new WIP has been promoted from my Plans list. It is going to be a short-sleeved version of the famous StitchDiva Simple Knitted Bodice. I'm making it in lime green Tilli Tomas silk, which I bought from Purl while on holiday in NY at the start of this year. The main body is plain silk and I'll be using TT's sequinned silk (called 'Disco Lights') in the same shade for the trim. I actually started this a couple of weeks ago and pretended I was just swatching or playing with the yarn, but yesterday I realised that I have knitted quite a bit already and I might as well admit to myself that it is a fully-fledged WIP.

The pattern looks like it's going to be a joy to knit. It's knit from the top down, in the round and promises minimal seaming at the end. What you can see here is a piece of fabric on a circular needle, showing regular increases in four places (either side of four stitch markers). Those increases are instead of seams (imagine!) They are going to be the raglan 'seams' holding the sleeves on, so I'm knitting body and sleeves in one piece as far as the armpit, and then the pattern continues on simply from there. Stay with me and I'll show you the pics as it emerges.

Finally, a small flurry of socks. I am still working on the purple basketweave pair: Sock 1 is done. You can also see below the beginnings of a red/white stripy pair for Sven who supports Arsenal, and a rainbow pair for Ian.

Clearly, three pairs of socks aren't enough to keep a knitter busy, so at some point this week I'll also start a pair in angora for my lovely knitting teacher, Imken.

And that's all today's knitting news.


Aberdonian said...

That's really nice progress on the Phildar jumper!

I voted for Ramona but I also really like Loretta, Carmen and Marcia!

RachelL said...

Absy, thanks, and thanks for voting! Looks like our Phildar sweaters will be finished around the same time :-)

Aberdonian said...

Aye, maybe not. I'm going on holidays from next week and not taking it with me. I'm taking lots of sock yarn instead! ;)