Tuesday, July 24, 2007

A great way to get rid of UFOs

The PNB Sweater is nearly done. Man, there are a *lot* of seams in this thing and they have to be stitch-for-stitch perfect. It's taking me forever. Here it is having a rest on the blocking board.


What with the PNB Sweater off the WIP list, I have been reappraising my World of Knitting and wondering what to tackle next. To this end, on Sunday I took a long, hard look at my UFOs. They had been giving me long, hard looks for months as I blithely romanced other projects. I hate being made to feel guilty. Something needed to be done.

The projects in question were the Grandiflora Shawl in RYC Soft Lux, and the Tammy blue/brown stripy sweater in Rowan Cotton Tape.

  • Grandiflora: When I last blogged about this, I was convinced the tension on the bottom part was too tight. I took another look at it on Sunday and it had not improved, in fact it was worse than I remembered. There was no way tension this bad was going to block out.
  • Tammy: When I dropped this project, I had issues with it, like the carrying yarn being too loose on the far edges. When I revisited it on Sunday, I could see that and a dozen other things wrong with it. Dodgy tension (again), holey increases. It was bad.

I actually love both these designs. Grandiflora is grand and I love Tammy so much I want it to be perfect so I can wear it all the time. My attempts were nowhere near justifying the lovely designs. Suddenly I hit on the perfect solution to the problem of UFOs: the Frog Pond.

I frogged them both there and then, and it was a joy. I ripped back, wound yarn, reclaimed pattern books, needles and stitch markers. It was like recycling: I felt cleansed and strangely uplifted when I was done.

Onwards and upwards.


Fiona said...

You have done a gorgeous job on the PNB sweater. It looks ever so neat.

Aberdonian said...

Would it be cheeky to ask for a close up of the raglan and the finishing bands? Did you do all the required bands? It seems a lot of faff. Do you think it could be simplified?

Fi said...

Getting your stripes matched is such a good feeling :o) (I'm just finishing a Carolyn from Knitty).

...and the the thing I love about knitting over almost any other craft is the complete re-usability of stuff if you 'go off' or are simply not happy with something you're doing. Can't do that once you've cut your cloth, for example!

RachelL said...

Thank you everyone! Absy, of course I'll take some close-ups. It will be this weekend :-)

Anonymous said...

Ooh, that does look awesome, maybe even more so because the pattern was a complete nut-written thing. <3