Friday, June 22, 2007

What to make next?

Suddenly I'm making quite rapid progress on the one remaining WIP, the Phildar Nautical Button Sweater. It's time to decide what to make next. Here are some past and present favourites that I could start straight away.

Clockwise, from top left:
  • Grandiflora Shawl in RYC Soft Lux. This is a UFO so I'd feel good about completing it. It's another lace shawl, which might be a bit much after only just finishing with Perugino. It has an unofficial deadline of Xmas, so there's not a big rush. If I did take it up, I might restart it from scratch as I was unhappy with the tension on the piece already knitted.
  • Tammy Blue/Brown Sweater in Rowan Cotton Tape. This is another UFO. I realised today that something strange happened a while ago. There I was knitting Tammy, a blue'n'brown cotton sweater, and Grandiflora, a large lace shawl. Then I was suddenly seduced by the lure of the new and dropped my projects to make - a blue'n'brown cotton sweater (PNB Sweater) and a large lace shawl (Perugino). Go figure. I'm quite motivated to finish Tammy as it's right for summer weather and I still really like it, but do I really want to knit this and the PNB Sweater at the same time? I think not. Too many blue'n'brown stripes.
  • Yellow Kitsch Sweater in Rowan Cotton Tape. On the Plans list. I love this sweater and it's just right for summer, but I would feel a bit guilty starting it when Tammy is not finished.
  • Still Sweater in Rowan Calmer. A new entry into the charts. Rowan Calmer is 75% cotton and 25% microfibre. Cool for summer. An exciting shape. I have a kit to knit this in red.
  • Simple Knitted Bodice in Tilli Tomas silk. Oh, I want to make this. I can't decide on the sleeve length I want, nor on the colour, given a choice between silver and zingy lime green. The yarn is the most luxurious in my collection and I've been putting off using it, for fear of screwing it up.
  • Pure Sweater in RYC Bamboo Soft. 100% bamboo. I have a kit to knit this in the charcoaly colour you see in the picture.

I would be happy if I could choose one of these. Don't get me wrong, there are other things I want to make. There are two zip-up jackets I'm swatching for, and that lovely pink Bali bamboo crying to be used, but we'll talk about those another day.

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