Sunday, June 10, 2007

Phildar Nautical Button Sweater: Raglan Shaping

It's been a slow knitting week because I've been on my travels again. Paris, Barcelona and finally Hamburg, which as you can see here has a great lake in the middle.

Despite the relentless work schedule, I have been knitting the back of the PNB Sweater. Here's a photo of it earlier this evening when I was getting ready to start the raglan shaping. With some trepidation, I measured it, and guess what, it's a perfect 36cm in length.

As you'll recall, we're pretty much rewriting this pattern from scratch because the measurements and instructions in the original are so terribly wrong. So it was time to do a few calculations for the raglan shaping.


  • Row 1: K: Cast off 3 sts and knit to end of row (82sts)
  • Row 2: P: Cast off 3 sts and purl to end of row (79 sts)
  • Then continue in st st until 42 rows are complete, decreasing by 1 st at EE of each K row.

Row 43: K: Cast off 39 sts.

This should yield a raglan piece that is 16cm high and 20cm wide at the cast-off row. Fingers crossed.

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Ahna said...

Fantastic! I am just beginning to mess about with changing patterns myself but I can see that you're much more experienced than I am!