Sunday, June 24, 2007

Other possible contenders.

While the PNB Sweater speeds towards completion and I'm thinking about what to make next, here are three more of the ideas on my mind.

Left to right:

  • Blue Zip Jacket in Bergere de France Chantilly. I'm swatching for this, rather slowly, and searching for a zip and the right shade of cotton 4-ply to use as trim.

  • Bay Sweater in Rowan Kidsilk Haze. Those blue and green stripes are really doing it for me. I would alter the neckline to something plainer. I've been meaning to make this for a long time; Sven bought me some of the yarn for my birthday last year.

  • Myrna Sweater in Bergere de France Ideal. Ideal is a yarn I'm going to sub on this pattern. I am thinking about doing this in a deep wine colour for the lower part of the body, then the bolero-shaped top half in scarlet, or maybe just with a scarlet stripe. Very retro.

Finally, this is the other zip-up jacket I was telling you about:

  • Pink Zip Jacket in Malva. I am swatching and swatching with different shades of 4-ply cotton. I'll show you soon. It's really going to be a great jacket.

OK, I think I really have confessed all my desires now. So: which to choose?


Aberdonian said...

The Myrna Sweater is lovely.

My PNB is still at a standstill as I'm making skirts.

Kay said...

I love the Myrna sweater, but be warned that others have knitted it and had rotten problems with the pattern.