Monday, June 25, 2007

Fruit of a good weekend

Folks, it was a good weekend for knitting. I didn't want it to be over, hence not photo-ing and blogging all my efforts until today. As you'll remember, my ambitions for the weekend were to do some blocking on Perugino, and to tackle the rest of my finishing basket at the same time. I am delighted to report the following.

Perugino Throw

Is blocking wetly on the living room carpet. It might not be ready to come off its pins tonight, but certainly will be tomorrow. Isn't it beautiful? In this picture, I'm about two-thirds of the way through pinning it out, working from the right-hand edge.

It took a really long time to put all the pins in but then we always knew that would be the case. Because it was a long job, I was delighted when I had time left over to block these:

Red Jitterbug Socks & Tassels for Perugino

The socks are for my friend Frances in Alabama (I bought the red Jitterbug yarn and my pink Malva and Bali yarns when I was with her).

Notice the Perugino tassels are blocking too. This didn't need much work. They were looking a bit curly because some of the yarn had been knitted into an earlier version of Perugino and then frogged. So I took a basin of water, dipped each tassel and then sort of smoothed it down a bit.

The tassels will be lovely when they are stitched on to Perugino's points. For now, am I alone in thinking there's something slightly horrible about them? Like dead moths or some other sort of insect. Dry, light and brittle-looking. Maybe it's just me being weird.

Now, this:

Rainbow Spa Slippers

These have been in the finishing basket for ages and ages because they needed some slipper bottoms. These were finally obtained from Get Knitted, so I sewed them on this weekend.

Now I have slippers! Yay!

PNB Sweater

As if all that achievement were not enough...

The front and back of the PNB sweater are blocking. Rolled up at the side there you can also see two sleeves, with their raglans reknitted for a nice, smooth edge.

A very good knitting weekend, I think you'll agree. Now I feel more than justified in starting a new WIP - while wearing my slippers.

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Kay said...

That throw looks absolutely beaaaautiful. And congrats on succesfully navigating the insane Phildar pattern.