Saturday, May 19, 2007

Squishy Surprise: Patons Moonglow

I've been away travelling the last three weeks: no photos to show you (I didn't think you'd appreciate shots of huge motorways, chain hotels & office blocks). I am sure Indianapolis, Detroit & Tampa are all great places if you have time to take a look around or do anything that's not work, but this time work was all I did and it doesn't photograph that well. Still, as you've seen, I made some progress on those sweater sleeves which I took to play with in my various hotel rooms.

So, I arrive home and as well as a bunch of bills, there's an unexpected squishy parcel, and we all know what that means. I assumed it was somethiing I'd ordered ages ago from Angel Yarns and forgotten about, but no! Thrillingly, it was yarn and a nice letter from Knit Today magazine, informing me that I was one of 30 winners of some new Patons Moonglow yarn, having entered a competition a couple of months ago. Eight balls: enough to make a shrug.

Moonglow is 83% acrylic, 15% wool, 2% polyester, which I guess means it's machine-washable! Recommended needle size 6.5mm. Here's a little swatch (I'm supposed to be at the supermarket, but I couldn't resist):

I'm by no means committed to making this shrug. If I were to make it, I'd have some fastening other than the tassels, which I don't like. Maybe a cord with beads, maybe some sort of button band or a brooch. I can think of things I could do to give it bit more personality but still, am I going to wear it? Maybe not, and that's fine. We're only swatching. I've started to realise that swatching is not a chore, it is a completely legitimate way to have fun with yarn, despite other WIPs waiting, because if it's a swatch, it's not properly Cast On and therefore Doesn't Count as taking time away from those needy WIPs.

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