Monday, May 28, 2007

Other people's jumpers

Check out this sweater in shades of chocolate and raspberry, by Jared over at Brooklyn Tweed. He's a photographer as well as a knitter and his knits are always mouthwatering colours. I love this colourway and I want to make something similar.


Kay said...

Oooh, those colours are delicious.

RachelL said...

Aren't they! I want the same yarn but he's using KnitPicks which you can't buy in the UK. I will be keeping an eye open now for similar colours in yarn that's available here.

Ahna said...

Oh, I just LOOOOOVE his stuff! When I first saw the blog, I thought that he must have nicked the photos from somewhere else because they were so professional! Then I saw that he was a photographer and thought, "hot damn but it would be nice to knit like this and then have the skills to show it to perfection".