Sunday, May 27, 2007

Future Plans: Kim Hargreaves

Lately, I've had enough work and enough knitting projects on the go to keep me completely satisfied. I didn't regret not going yarn shopping on the last US trip; I just didn't need or want anything else on my plate. I've worked assiduously on my two big WIPs the last few weeks. I didn't crave anything new. This weekend, though, while I'm at my desk at home working, I've found myself returning again and again to a sweater that has caught my attention before. It's on the website of the Rowan designer Kim Hargreaves, from her Spring-Summer collection 'Shades of Pale'. You really must go and look at the collection here.

The sweater I'm mainly interested in is called Pure, and it looks like this.

The yarn is RYC Bamboo Soft, 100% bamboo (handwash only, grr), knits to 24sts x 30 rows. The neutral, charcoaly colour you see here is called Gypsum, and that's exactly the shade I want to make it in. I love the simplicity of this shape, the long sleeves and the wide boat neck. The neckline draws attention to the wearer's collar-bone & away from the midsection, while the long skirt is good if, like me, you're a bit apple-shaped and don't look so hot in cropped numbers. Pure looks like a versatile garment, it would look great with jeans or something smarter for work. It's my idea of a really wearable sweater.

Something about this number also spoke to me. This is 'Sheer':

As you can see, it's a long tunic with a deep scoop neck. I like a lot of the same things about it as I do the Pure sweater: simple shape, long sleeves, flattering neckline, etc. It's a reversible garment, too, so you can have a more demure neckline with a scooped back if you want. Again, the yarn is RYC Bamboo Soft. I wouldn't do it in that pale colour, though. And that much knitting in grey-black might be a bit overwhelming too. Of the shades that Bamboo Soft comes in, I do like this one, called Pompadour:

There's no doubt that Pure would look great in this shade, but then I definitely want to make Pure in Gypsum, and do I really want two versions of Pure? Probably not. An alternative would be to make Sheer in Pompadour. I really like Sheer but it needs to be made in the right colour. It's a big garment with a lot of unbroken, plain knitting. I don't want to end up looking like a cloud (so not white) or like I'm wearing some sort of funeral tent (so not black). So what about Pompadour. Is it the right shade for Sheer? Whaddya think?

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