Wednesday, April 11, 2007


Sunday 1st April: woke up very early, thankfully headache-free, and went straight back to Heathrow to catch a plane to Utah, where I stayed until Thursday.

The work schedule did not let up in Utah. I stayed in Salt Lake City but I can't claim to know anything about it except:
  1. The hotel staff, and the people at the office where I worked were really friendly.

  2. Utah has big mountains.

I'm standing outside the office where I was doing some work: it's just off-camera, to the left. The whole city is surrounded by these incredible mountains. People come to ski.

The knitting highlight of Utah was putting a foot on the second of the blue AY socks and listening to someone's knitting podcast. Finding half an hour to do this entailed getting up at 5.30am, which should tell you something about how pushed for time I still was at this stage.

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