Wednesday, April 11, 2007

How Vienna turned out

I am sorry not to have posted for so long. Here is the news.

Vienna: was very challenging. I did not leave the hotel the entire time I was there. I ran around from the crack of dawn until late at night trying to meet deadlines on a dozen different projects, none of them knitting. Sleep-deprived and script-less was how I delivered my conference paper on Friday 30th March. Not surprisingly, I woke up in Vienna on the morning of Sat 31st with a monster headache. I flew back to London in a terrible state, trembling and upchucking all the way. A thank you to the British Airways cabin crew who looked after me as best they could & were very kind.

In short - I got no knitting done in Vienna, nor did I see anything of the city, which would have been more disappointing if I hadn't visited before, as recently as December.

On arriving home I took a truckload of painkillers and went to bed.

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