Tuesday, April 17, 2007

A little progress

It was a good knitting weekend, helped by the fact that I had a day off work yesterday (I am sure I will come to regret that).

Rainbow spa socks: I knitted the second of these and sewed in all the ends. All that's needed now is some slipper soles. Get Knitted seem to have sold out, so I have to find another supplier.

Red Jitterbug socks: Making excellent progress. I bound off sock 1 and started sock 2. I am a bit concerned that I am going to run out of yarn, having knitted extra-long legs on these socks for no reason apart from I got carried away.

Perugino: I'd say about 30% of the actual knitting is done.

I have more hectic travel lined up for the next few months, so I am going to knit as much as possible while I'm at home and I have the opportunity.


Fiona said...

Sounds like a happy knitting weekend all around. I finished my "blue frogs" but the BF washed my red "Jitterbugs"... in the washing machine.

RachelL said...

Aaargh! Please tell me - what happened to the red jitterbugs? Did they shrink? Felt? Did all the colour wash out? Would love to know what happens!

stash haus said...

Hey Rachell, thanks for the comment on my blog. I was VERY lucky - I've seen the Harlot in person TWICE! I'm going to be in London from 1 July until 6 July. If you're in town during that time, I'd love to get together and knit. I've been searching for knitting groups that will be meeting during the time I'm there. If you will be around, please let me know - you can email me at yarnhause at gmail dot com.