Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Birmingham, Alabama

On Thursday 5th I flew to Birmingham, Alabama. I stayed there until eventually returning to London, today.
Birmingham is very pretty and amazingly rich in trees. They have a lovely library, next to the park.

The pace slowed down a little when I reached Birmingham. I had to work on Friday and Monday; I would be staying in Birmingham over Easter weekend and I had no plans.

Remarkably, I was adopted for the weekend by my new friend Frances, whom I met on Friday at my place of work. Frances is an amazing woman, and it's thanks to her that I finally have knitting news to report.

Frances would not hear of my spending the weekend on my own. Having discovered that I'm a knitter, she promptly reorganised her plans for Saturday so as to take me to the best yarn shop in the state.

It's the knitting shop of your dreams. Saturday mornings (and, I guess, during the week?), women gather at the shop for a morning of knitting. It's lovely. There are a couple of good-natured husbands minding babies. The women knit. The youngest knitter is about 10.

I bought yarn and patterns, which I'll tell you about later. I can't photograph the booty until British Airways returns my suitcase! For now, let me just record that:

  • Frances was the most hospitable lady I've ever met, and insisted I join her family for lunch on Easter day. She basically turned over most of her weekend to making me feel welcome, and even shared her home with me. Wow. I'm going to make her some socks.
  • I finally finished the blue AY socks and even weaved in the ends. As soon as I can get to my suitcase I'll proudly photograph the FO and then hand them straight over to Joe. Pics coming soon.


La Cuoca said...

Beautiful ladies. kiss kiss

Susan @ Damn, Knit & Blast It said...

Wow - the jet-set life style doesn't sound quite so glamorous when you include the up chucking and headaches! Poor you.

Frances sounds like an Angel. I hope there will be very special socks!