Monday, March 05, 2007

Yarn hunger

I am on a yarn diet until I've paid off some of the balance on my poor, over-tired credit cards. I really can't feel sorry for myself as I've a ton of stash to knit with *and* some beautiful yarn and pattern books on order that I'm waiting to be delivered.

Nevertheless, the insatiable yarn demon makes me hungry for more. So, instead of impulsively shopping for yarn, I'm going to compile myself a wish list of desiderata. I'm in the Stash & UFO Bustalong over at and members there have pledged not to buy more yarn until April 15th, so I'm going to try very hard to stay on the wagon until then. I hope that the wish list will help to stave off my yarn hunger in the meantime.


Item no 1: Colinette Giotto. This is a sexy, luscious, ribbon yarn. I am lucky enough to have quite a bit of this in my stash, in crimson. It's intended to make a dressy jacket from the Colinette Femme Fatale pattern book. You would think this would be enough to satisfy me, but now there is a gorgeous child's cardigan in this month's Knit Today magazine, made in pink and vanilla ice-creamy shades of Giotto:

I really want to make it, and I'm coveting the yarn so much my mouth waters. My yarn diet is not helped by the fact that there's an offer in Knit Today: if you buy 4 hanks of Giotto, you get the children's Jelly All Stars pattern book. This is going to be hard to resist. I wonder if I could get Josef to stump up some of the cost of the yarn for Mother's Day?

Item no 2: Hip Knits Pure Silk, aran weight.

I don't know why I'm craving this so badly when I have a treasure chest of silk by Tilli Tomas in the stash. I just know I want it. There is not even a special offer attached or anything. This can definitely wait unti I'm off the yarn diet.

Item no 3: More Colinette. I want one of their kits to make a Perugino throw.

My colleague has shown an interest in me knitting her a shawl, so perhaps I can split the cost with her. If I do that, there's no need for me to order anything before April 15th, as it will take me until then to finish my Grandiflora shawl, which needs to be finished before I start another.

Item no 4: RYC Soft Lux. I have this in three shades already. I'm knitting the Grandiflora shawl in creamy beige and a light grey-blue. I also have stash in a slightly truer blue that I'm going to use for a cable hoodie. It's just that I am craving the pink shade as well.

I've a pink cardigan that I love but which is old and tatty after years of wear. I keep thinking: if I had some Soft Lux in pink I could make a new one, maybe even nicer than the original. The yarn demon in my head keeps reminding me that Soft Lux is discontinued now, so when it's gone, it's gone. Lord help me, this reasoning was what led to my accumulating the world's largest collection of Rowan Cotton Tape last year!
I will add more items as I think of them. It will be interesting to see which ones I'm still hungry for in 5 or 6 weeks time!

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