Sunday, March 11, 2007

Work: that thing you have to do to pay for yarn

Well, Miles had his baby blanket and was pleased (as pleased as any non-knitting man is going to be with a baby blanket). He said his wife liked it too, so that's good.

Currently: I've made a tiny amount of progress on Grandiflora. I've also made a bit more progress on Sock 2 of the Elle blue lace socks.

The last few days, including this weekend, have not been good for knitting. Work is intense right now, and is going to stay that way for the next 14 weeks, according to my diary. I'm having to work at the weekends. When I'm home in the evenings, I'm so exhausted I can't even do the simple lace on the socks, never mind the shawl. Counting to 10 defeats me.

Being a bit starved of actual knitting, and feeling a bit sorry for myself about my workload, I find myself craving new yarn, by way of compensation. Must resist! New yarn is a joy, but there is no point accumulating yarn if there's no time to knit it. So for now, I'm still on the yarn diet.

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