Wednesday, March 28, 2007


My travels continue: today I'm off to Vienna for a medical conference. I hoped to have completed the second of the blue AY socks by now but stupidly, yesterday, I put the heel in entirely the wrong place. If you are wondering how this is possible, what I mean is that I knitted the cuff to the right length but then moved the stitches around on my circular needles far too soon, so that the 'seams' (the laddery bit where you change needles) were running down the front & back of the sock, instead of down the sides. Duh. I spent last night frogging the gusset, heel and heel flap, right back to the cuff. So, my plans for Vienna are to:
  • finish those blue socks, including sewing in the ends (that way, Josef, the recipient, can have them when I return to London)
  • restart another pair of socks if the blue ones get finished. In a recent post about WIPs, I showed you a picture of some delicious purple sock yarn by Angel Yarns. I planned to do a pattern from Schurch's Sensational Knitted Socks - I now can't remember which pattern I had in mind, but I'm bringing the book to Vienna with me as well, so perhaps I'll remember.

When I return from Vienna, I'm then off to the States where it will be warmer than it is here in London. So my next dilemma will be what knitting to take Stateside. Needs to be enough to keep me busy but nothing too woolly, as we all know that hot weather = sweaty hands and that's not good for knitting wool. Maybe a couple of cotton sweaters?

I'll let you know how it goes.


stash haus said...

Hi! I'll be in Vienna in the end of May. Please post if you find any wool shops there.

Also I'll be in London from 1 July - 6 July. Are there any knitting groups that meet in the evenings at pubs, etc?

Anonymous said...

Vienna. <3 Am filled with envy. Have a lovely time, even if it's work-related.

RachelL said...

Stash Haus, I read your blog and wow, I can't believe you got to meet our beloved Harlot. You are so lucky! I wish she'd come to London.

As you see, I don't know a thing about knitting shops in Vienna, as I didn't get to leave my hotel :-( I am sorry not to be more help on that score.

Knitting in London: on this one I can be more help. There are lots of great ways to meet other knitters around town. Useful web links: