Saturday, March 17, 2007

Revealed: a rainbow spa sock

Now look at this:

Isn't that lovely. I just *knew* those orphan balls of Noro Kureyon and Silk Garden would come in handy for something. The button is hand-painted glass one by Laughing Hens.

When I saw the spa socks in Vogue Knit 1 magazine (Spring 07 issue), I cast on straight away, with not a thought for my other WIPs languishing in plastic bags. A couple of days later, having fit in some knitting around work, we have this beauty. I am so happy.

I love the button-up, moss-stitch ankle band, that's what really sold this design to me. Because the band and the button I wanted to use are both quite heavy, it seemed as though the sock needed a bit of structure to its bottom part too, to balance it out. I bought a pair of shoe in-soles, in my size. In the picture you see here, the in-sole is just resting inside the sock, rounding it out and giving it a distinct sole and outline. I notice that the in-sole has tiny holes punched all around the edge, so I might actually sew the sole to the sock.

While this seems like a good plan, in turn it makes me wonder what will happen to the outside, undersole of the sock if I stitch an in-sole to the inside. Is the yarn going to break and need darning straight away because of the extra pressure on it from the in-sole? Or will it be OK? After all, it's a sock and designed to be walked on. Maybe I could fix some sort of outer-sole to the outside?

It was while pondering these issues that I begun to grasp the point of felting.


Susan @ Damn, Knit & Blast It said...

Hi Rachel

Great sock! have you thought of using the fibre trends soles??

Get Knitted have them here:-


RachelL said...

Oh! Thank you! As you can see, I just had no idea what to do, I was really hoping someone would offer a good suggestion. Thanks again.