Saturday, March 17, 2007

Indecision over Grandiflora

Here is how Grandiflora is coming along:

I'm sort of in two minds about what to do with this. As you'll recall, it's a shawl, knit in RYC Soft Lux, an aran-weight wool yarn. It's a lace pattern, not fantastically difficult, but then my total experience with lace prior to this was the Elle blue lace socks, finished this very day and described in the next post.

OK, so here's my problem with Grandiflora. Firstly, I think the tension on that bottom band of beige lace is noticeably tighter than it is on the second band of the same colour. It is tighter. Look.

That's bothered me ever since I knit the second beige stripe. I've been telling myself it'll block out, but then what if the difference in tension is still noticeable? It sort of bugs me but I was living with it until yesterday, when I screwed up a row of lace that is going to be a right pain to tink. Either one of these problems on its own I could live with and/or fix, but the combination of the two makes me very tempted to treat this piece as a practice run, frog it and start again.

I am pausing before making a decision because it is possible I am just being a quitter and looking for an excuse to put Grandiflora aside so I can work on something different.

The finished piece is 18 stripes, I think. I've knit four. If I re-knit from scratch then I've added around 20% to the project workload, but the whole item will ultimately be better, because I can make a point of keeping the tension even.

Maybe I'll try blocking this sample while it's still on the needles and see if the lace on the two beige stripes comes out the same size. If it does, we're in business.

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