Saturday, March 17, 2007

FO: Elle blue lace socks

I am happy because I finished the blue lace socks in Elle Stretch DK. Before you admire the finished product, let's see an honest pic of the work in progress. Lordy lordy, these socks are full of mistakes.

Here's my favourite. I was about two-thirds of the way through the second sock, so nearly done. I had just picked up a bunch of stitches along the side of the heel flap, and then I started to work across the instep, keeping in pattern with those columns of lace. I had to fudge a couple of stiches to get two unbroken columns of lace running down the length of the instep. In other words, I had to fudge the pattern to get Sock 2 to look like Sock 1. I thought this was odd & didn't remember having to fudge it the first time round. I returned to Sock 1 and closely inspected its midsection. Here's what I found:

The yellow circle indicates where those two vertical columns of lace simply break contact. They are out by two whole stitches. I know exactly how this happened. Making these socks on two circular needles, by this stage in the knitting, the sock was arranged on the needles so I was looking at it side on. If you've ever knit a sock on two circs, you'll know that the gusset is the part of the game where you are looking at your sock in profile. And guess what - from that angle, the lace looks fine. It is only when examined front on that it suddenly becomes glaringly obvious.

After I discovered that, I took my foot off the brake. Rather than the careful knitting I do when it's posh yarn or gift knitting, I just ripped through the rest of the pattern at speed. I made mistakes with abandon. I fudged the lace and didn't tink. I still learned a whole lot about lace, and today I became the proud owner of a pair of finished socks. Ends sewn in, and everything. Who cares about the details when you have lurid blue knee-highs?

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Anonymous said...

Oooh, look at them! They're fantastic.