Monday, February 12, 2007

WIP: lace socks from Knit Today

I love knitting magazines and subscribe to lots of them. This is to alert all sock knitters to the February 07 issue of Knit Today which features an excellent, 20-page glossy supplement full of sock patterns! Yay!

I've been wanting to make knee socks for a while and so I thought I'd try this pattern from the supplement.
I'm using the recommended yarn: Elle Stretch DK. Because it's DK, it's chunky. Because it's stretchy, there is no need for shaping on the calf which makes doing the lace pattern a lot easier. You just knit a long, lacy tube, no need to increase or decrease at the same time as doing the lace. The pic shown here is the photo from the pattern: I'm making mine in a vibrant peacock blue.

A couple of things make this an unusual project for me:
- I am new to lace. I don't even like the appearance of lace that much, but I wanted to have a go at making some, for the sake of exploring the technicalities. It *is* fun to do, although if you go wrong or drop a stitch it can be a bit of a mare to pick up stitches while staying in pattern.
- Despite my exclusive designer yarn SEX in New York, I'm not a yarn snob. This stuff is 100% synthetic, which is where it gets its stretch. Yes I know, the socks will be a bit sweaty. But I'm all about the process, not the product, so I'm not worried.

I will post photos of my blue version of these socks, on-the-needles, in due course.

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