Monday, February 26, 2007

Weaving in done: now for blocking

Well, that was an excellent knitting weekend, largely because I naughtily avoided doing any work (I will pay for that this week with lots of late evenings!). Here is the knitting news:

I weaved in all the remaining ends on Miles's blanket. HOORAY!!! It took me Friday night, Saturday night and half of Sunday but now it is DONE and is currently sat on the living room table waiting to be washed and blocked. Here it is, wrong side up, with all its ends tucked away.

While I was on a high, I also weaved in the ends on Sven's Noro scarf and three (count 'em!) pairs of socks. That makes five finished objects altogether, all ready for blocking!

Am so impressed with myself. Also, I finished the first of the Elle blue lace socks and even weaved in the ends of that too. Have started work on sock no 2 and I'm optimistic that it'll progress quite quickly (the second sock is always quicker than the first, n'est pas?).

I am very keen to get the blocking done on the blanket and scarf, and then I have the joy of nominating two projects from my WIP pile to join the blue lace socks on my Priority Projects list. What to pick? I think the Grandiflora shawl will be one, and then I could also move the cotton Tammy top back to the top of the list too.

Note to self: do NOT start new knitting projects until these ones are blocked. If they're not blocked, they're not finished.

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