Saturday, February 17, 2007

Tammy top with the dodgy armholes

Here's another UFO that I'd like to get done in time for summer! I've raved before about this thick, Cotton Tape yarn from Rowan and showed a pic of the top I'm making: Tammy, from the Rowan book 'Cotton Tape Collection'.
The front and back are knitted both alike. Here is one:

Front and back are being frogged at least back to the start of the armhole shaping because of the following problem.

On the left hand side of the knitting, where you turn the work, the edge stitches are neat (enough).

But on the right hand side of the work, where you carry along the yarn you're not using - oh dear.

Look at those stitches on the left, that the brown loop of yarn is pointing to. Very loose and messy. If I don't fix that, the sleeves will hang loosely off one shoulder, and sit just right on the other. It just won't do, so back to the frog pond with it.

I'm really going to like this top when it's finished so this is one I want to get right.

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