Saturday, February 17, 2007

Stash for a red Willow

A few months ago I knit this jacket in green Ribbon Twist, by Rowan.

It's called Willow, from the Rowan book 'Ribbon Twist Collection'. I loved making it and it was dead quick.

At the January sales last month I added some more Ribbon Twist to my stash, a burgundy shade. Enough for making another Willow. Now, what to use for trim? The original Willow used Big Wool Tuft, which mostly comes in soft pastels. I needed something strong enough to stand up to the burgundy. Digging deeper through the sale yarns, I picked up a few balls of red Jaeger Fur. I like to have yarn choices where possible, so I also picked up some Sirdar Wow in a suitable shade. All I have to do now is decide which will work better. Here they are:

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