Sunday, February 11, 2007

SEX in New York

I'm back from a fabulous few days in New York and naturally a Stash Enhancement Expedition was part of the proceedings. I had intended to visit Purl Soho, Seaport Yarn and maybe even one or two others - but then I totally blew my yarn budget in Purl on the first day of yarn shopping so that was that.

Now, first, a few words about the shop itself. It's a little boutique but bigger on the inside than it appears on the outside. There's a big table inside with staff and customers sitting down knitting. The staff are young, passionate knitters, knowledgeable and thoroughly friendly and welcoming. A charming young man wound my new yarn into balls for me while I waited. A young woman in a gorgeous hand-knit jacket bantered with my partner over his choice of newspaper while I shopped for yarn. A lovely atmosphere, warm and homely. I could have stayed all day.

Next, the yarn. I cannot tell you how lovely their yarn is. Not a shred of acrylic here, it is all top of the range, designer stuff. Purl truly is the yarn equivalent of Prada. Want to see what I brought home?

This is Disco Lights by Tilli Tomas. It's pure silk with hundreds of tiny sequins threaded on (yes, that means it's VERY expensive). I am going to have to swatch very carefully with this as I don't want to waste an inch.

Below, a few gorgeous hanks of pure bamboo from Alchemy yarns. This is as pricey as the Tilli Tomas. It's beautiful yarn, the shine is exactly like silk and the colours are so rich! I'm thinking of using this and the Tilli Tomas together perhaps to make a shrug: I'm not sure I have enough for a whole cardigan - but we'll see.

Lastly, a wool-linen blend called Merlin, by Louet. Again, it was the rich, vibrant colours that attracted me. If I can find another, compatible fibre to knit with, this might do very nicely for making interesting panels in a cardigan or sweater.

Aren't they lovely? Now I just have to pay off my credit card balance and I will have to go on a strict yarn diet until then.

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