Monday, February 12, 2007

Noro scarf: WIP

Below, the Noro scarf I'm making for Sven. It's made of alternating stripes of Kureyon (all wool) and Silk Garden (a silk/wool blend).

The colours are great, aren't they? I've now bound off this scarf and all that remains is to weave in ends and decide if that will be enough to render acceptable the messy edges. If not - well, I'll have to find a way to improve those edges somehow. Would like to avoid knitting a border if possible, but ultimately that might be the best solution - we'll see.

The scarf is thick and luxurious - it's knit in 3 x 3 rib - but the yarn is a little scratchy right now, especially the Kureyon: positively crunchy! I'm hoping that washing it with a little fabric conditioner will soften it up. I've also heard that Noro yarns release a lot of their colour into the water on the first wash and I'm really really hoping they're not all going to bleed into each other and ruin those lovely bright tones. Am a bit apprehensive. I'll let you know how it goes.


Anonymous said...

What about grabbing a crochet hook and slip-stitching or single-crocheting along the edges? It's not very difficult to do and it neatens things up nicely.

RachelL said...

! Now that is a good idea, thank you. Crochet wouldn't have occurred to me. Thanks!