Monday, February 12, 2007

My family model their Xmas hats.

Regular readers will know I had severe camera problems over Xmas so I was limited to taking what snaps I could with a disposable flash camera - never the best solution! Despite the photo quality, I was determined to post a few pics of the Xmas hats being modelled, so here they are.

First up, my mum in her hat made with beige Bliss cashmerino and gold Louisa Harding sari ribbon. Doesn't she look nice?

Next, my dad Michael & his partner Andrea, both modelling their hats.

And finally, here's the rest of my family. Notice them all grinning and gurning for the camera. I wish you could have seen their faces approximately 1 second later when I told them these pics were going on my website. Everyone's faces suddenly dropped like I'd just announced someone's death. It was priceless, I laughed my socks off. Left to right: Thomas, Joe, Edward, David, Mum & Lizzie.

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