Saturday, February 17, 2007

Must ... finish ... Sven's ....scarf ....aaaargh

I wish I would get on and finish this lovely Noro scarf I'm making for Sven.

I *think* all that needs doing is weaving in the ends. But then, what if I decide I can't live with messy edges like this?

Kay suggested crochet, which sounds like a good plan. I might block it first, see how it looks, then crochet if necessary.

When I'm done with this scarf, I have a treat waiting. Two more balls of Noro, one Kureyon and one Silk Garden. The same yarns as are used in this scarf, but in brighter colourways. Aren't they lovely, I'll have to think of something suitably luxurious to make with them. I am *not* letting myself play with these until the original scarf is done.

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