Saturday, February 17, 2007

Kitsch yarn in need of a kitsch pattern.

This is the lime green Sirdar Silky Look DK I was telling you about. It's 100% synthetic, shiny and eye-poppingly green.

What this yarn needs is a pattern that doesn't take itself too seriously. It needs to look ironic, for God's sake. What we have here is the beginning of a sleeve, but already it's looking far too sensible. I need to find the perfect pattern before I go any further.

Because this yarn is a bit OTT, we need to really bring out that quality. I'm thinking maybe a V neck or wrapover cardi with massive, frou-frou furry green trim on the collar and cuffs. I've got a couple of green eyelash yarns in the stash but I'm not sure either is exactly right.

I don't mind this being a UFO for a while longer, since I haven't settled on the right pattern yet.

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