Monday, February 12, 2007

In the 'Finishing' basket: Hundertwasser socks & bag

Here we have a nice new pair of socks made in Opal Hundertwasser sock yarn. I love those bright colours - who would have thought orange and purple would look so good together? The pattern is the standard Opal sock pattern. These were mostly knit while I was away in China in December - just the ends need sewing in.

As usual, on finishing the socks I had quite a bit of yarn left over. The Opal sock pattern also includes a pattern for a gift bag, so I thought I'd make one to go with the socks. This was dead easy to knit and turned out to be the perfect project for bus-stop and train knitting: lots of plain rows, round and round until you've had enough.

This is in need of a bit more finishing. Despite the blurry photo, you'll easily see what a messy job I've made of sewing up that bottom edge (duh!). I need to sew it again - from the INSIDE this time! Other than that, the ribbon needs trimming, ends weaving in and if I'm feeling really industrious I might block the picot edging on the top. I *might*.

These are destined to be a gift but I'm not saying who for, just yet.

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