Saturday, February 17, 2007

Grandiflora shawl

Like I need more UFOs ...

I love it when yarn gets discontinued and goes on sale. I recently picked up loads of RYC Soft Lux. It's soft wool with a metallic thread running through it.

I've got lots of this blue shade and I'm thinking about using it to make a chunky hoodie, with a massive silver zip. If anyone wants to recommend a pattern, please feel free.

Here's the thing. Having got some yarn, I then wanted the pattern book before it went out of print. The book is RYC Classic Woman, to support the Soft Lux yarn.

Inside, I discovered this. I'd never wanted to make a shawl before, but this spoke to me:

So then I had to go and buy the recommended yarn, and start playing.

Strange as it may seem, it wasn't until I'd started swatching this shawl and reading the pattern that I consciously registered it was going to be a whole load of pain-in-the-ass LACE. Not that I'm put off making it: quite the opposite. I still find the appearance of the fabric intriguing, plus it has all the novelty of a brand new project. I can't wait to get properly stuck into it. I just can't believe I've let myself in for a whole load of lace without realising. The hand of fate must have guided me towards the Elle lace socks to provide a bit of practice before tackling something bigger and more serious.

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