Saturday, February 17, 2007

Blue socks in AY hand-dyed sock yarn.

Another WIP, a pair of blue socks in Opal yarn, hand dyed by Angel Yarns. The pattern is the standard Opal sock pattern.

This is the yarn I was being surprised about the other day. On the ball, it looks like the colours are quite evenly distributed; in fact, I'd expected quite a dark fabric. Now I've started to knit it up, you can see it's mostly a bright, light blue with spirals and stripes of dark blue & green. I like how the stripes alter on the heel flap.
I had previously knit the heel and part of the gusset on this sock, but I unravelled it because it was a bit loose, especially where I'd picked up stitches at the side of the heel flap. I've since heard that a good method is to knit through the back of the loop when picking up stitches, as it tightens everything up a bit, so I'll do that this time when I come to re-knit.

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