Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Beautiful Louet Merlin

Here's a round-up of today's knitting news.

Firstly, the stripy baby blanket. This is now washed, damp and drying on a board. I joyfully thought I was done with it, and, in celebration, started work on my next big project: the Grandiflora shawl. I was too quick to celebrate. The blanket is full of wrinkles and crinkles, and they're not disappearing as the fabric dries. I am going to have to get it wet again and reblock it, this time pinning it out properly instead of just arranging it in place. Won't be this evening though, as I've brought work home from the office. Maybe tomorrow. I am *not* posting pictures of the blanket until it's looking better as right now it's something only its creator could love.

Here's a picture of the first few rows of Grandiflora instead. If I reblock the stripy blanket tomorrow night (Thurs), I could maybe restart work on this on Friday evening.

Now - let's talk about new yarn :-)

Today, the postie brought this.

It is six balls of Bergere de France Berlande yarn. It's soft and fluffy and one day it's going to be a gorgeous sweater. I've had some of this in my stash for ages but recently decided I needed to top up so I'd have enough for an adult sized garment. Now I do.

I've saved the best for last. The postie also brought this:

Six beautiful skeins of Louet Merlin, a wool/linen blend. The colours absolutely vibrate, they're so intense. The skeins crunch softly in your hand in a way that makes you want to eat them. I ordered this from the US specially to top up the stash of Merlin I recently brought back from holiday. So, in total, I now have this beautiful collection of Merlin to work with:

I think the colours are perhaps more accurate in this shot. Isn't it yummy? It will eventually become a beautiful sweater (probably). Now I just need to find the right sort of pattern. I am so looking forward to working with this. This Merlin, my Tilli Tomas silk and my Alchemy bamboo yarns are my most treasured possessions.

And that's all the news.

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