Tuesday, January 02, 2007

At last, some pics of Xmas hats.

Happy New Year. Well, I finally got all the hats done in time for Christmas. My camera broke quite early into the final countdown to Xmas day, then my PDA broke the day after - so most of my Xmas photos are lost. Happily, I managed to upload a few early (hence a bit crappy) snaps to my PC before things started breaking. So - here are some Xmas hats. The patterns for some of these hats came from the book Hip Knit Hats, and a few from Rowan pattern books for Big Wool.

This one is for Cal. Like the tassel? The pink yarn is Sirdar Bigga and the black is Rowan Big Wool.

This one went to Sven. The blue is really vibrant, and looks great on him. The yarn is Rowan Spray.

This one went to Lizzie. It is soooo soft. The yarn is Debbie Bliss Cashmerino, and on the cuff the yarn is knitted together with baby pink Sirdar Zanzibar, an eyelash yarn with random bursts of gold tinsel. This picture isn't the best, the hat isn't so pointy in real life, but it's modelled over a too-small pyrex dish! Take it from me though, it's a lovely hat and soft as a bunny.

This one went to David. Everyone laughed when he put it on: he makes it look very exotic! Like the wise old man of some ancient fairy tale. The yarn is Rowan Spray.

This one went to Robert. It's a nice hat but the gauge is a little bit too tight for the yarn, and frankly it is much too big. I will make him another one that fits. The yarn is Sirdar Bigga and Wendy Pampas.

This one went to my mum. She looks gorgeous in it, and although I feared the hat had turned out too small, it fit her perfectly. The main yarn is Bliss Cashmerino in beige. On the purl rows the Cashmerino is knitted together with some Louisa Harding sari ribbon in gold.

This hat went to Ann. It fits her, and it looks great on her - I'm glad I chose a strong colour. The yarn is Rowan Spray.

I gave it to Ann when Sven & I were over for dinner before Xmas, and she gave me a lovely scarf she'd knit, you can see me modelling it below. When you knit yourself, you really appreciate other people's knitting and the work they put into it, so it's a treasured possession. It's made with the ladder yarn 'Melody' by SWTC. It's very decorative, lots of small flashes of bright colour. Lovely. I have some Melody in my stash in a red/gold/purple colourway, so now I'm excited about making something with it.

This one went to Andrea. I made another happy guess with colour: this pink hat went perfectly with the lilac top she was wearing. I love it when a plan works out. The yarn is Rowan Spray.

This is a terrible photo of what was actually a rather lovely hat for Joe, knit in three shades of Bliss Cashmerino. Again, the hat suffers slightly from being modelled on a pyrex dish instead of a head - it really isn't pointy in real life and fits softly to the shape of the head. I'm not sure how much Joe likes it actually, but hey, they can't all be popular. Edward said his made him look like an old lady (he had a point).

This, the last of the non-pointy hats, went to Thomas. It actually fits him fine. He wasn't too excited about it at first, but he liked it more when he knew I'd made it myself, which is sweet. The yarn is Wendy Pampas.

... And that's all the photos of the Xmas hats. Bet you're really glad my camera broke now, otherwise there'd be another 10 or so to sit through!

At last, I have officially begun with the Spring Knitting of 2007. I've resumed progress on a stripy baby blanket for Miles, and I've started the blue and brown Tammy top in Cotton Tape. Ah, the joy of creating things that aren't hats.

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Anonymous said...

Wow, that's a lot of pre-holiday knitting, especially in such a short time. I really like the pink one in Rowan Spray--might have to give that yarn a once (or twice, or thrice) over at a yarn store.