Monday, November 13, 2006

Willow jacket

'Willow' is the latest FO, started & finished October 2006. It was fun to knit & as you can see, I'm enjoying wearing it. The blue furry collar & cuffs are kitsch enough to tickle my sense of humour. Oversized glass buttons add to the overall cheer. Plus, as I recently discovered on a cold weekend in Austria, it's as warm as a coat. Hurrah!

The main yarn is green Ribbon Twist & trimmed in blue Big Wool Tuft (both Rowan). I liked Ribbon Twist a lot, it looks decorative & knits up incredibly quickly - the recommended gauge is 8sts/10cm. The pattern is Willow, in Rowan's Ribbon Twist Collection.

I knit Willow in flat pieces on 10 & 12mm Addi circular needles - smooth & glossy, lovely to work with. The yarn is so huge it's difficult not to throw it, which for me resulted in gauge that was a little bit tight, but I think I got away with it. Next time I'll use larger needles.

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Susan said...

Hi there - thanks for your comment on my Willow at Damn Knit & Blast It

I love your colour way. Don't they look different when you swizzle the colours around? I think I like your choice better! My sleeves look a little "Santa Claus"!!