Sunday, October 29, 2006

Red baby blanket.

This blanket dominated my existence for months and months. I am very proud of it - and relieved to have finally finished!

Here's a pic of it spread out on the board where it was blocked. Yes, that's my foot in the foreground, and no, I can't be bothered to crop down the picture. You'll just have to imagine the foot's not there.

Here's a pic of the finished product, spread artfully on the sofa. Excuse the chaos in the background - we were moving house.

Here's the story:

Pattern: From the Vogue 'Knitting on the go' series, Baby Blankets 2.

Yarn: Louisa Harding Kashmir Aran in red & white. Mix of wool, cashmere & microfibre.

Made for: New baby Clara, daughter of my brother Tom & SIL Cal. The project was finished within about two weeks of Clara's birth, so I was able to take it with me when I went to visit her for the first time.

Time taken to make: About 2 lifetimes. I started to feel like I couldn't remember a time when I hadn't been knitting it. Worked on it every morning before work, every evening after work and every weekend. My partner was not happy. But I think it was worth it. :-)

What I learned:

(1) ALWAYS check the finished measurements of a knitted item before you cast on. This bad boy measures 3ft by 4ft, not including the bobbled edgings. I thought 'babies are small, so this blanket must be small too, right?'. Wrong. 12sq foot of intarsia is a lot of knitting.

(2) The 'delicates' program on the washing machine is NOT the same as the wool program. I will never do this again. Thank god the colour didn't run, but the blinking spin cycle distributed minute red cashmere fibres all over the blanket. It was a bit of a nightmare trying to clean it up. At least I can testify it is washing-machine proof. I don't think Cal could do anything worse to it with a washing machine than I did. Yes, I am an idiot.

(3) When substituting yarn, it's a good idea to check what length of yarn there is to a ball. I didn't do this, and consequently used five more balls of red yarn than I thought I was going to.

What I didn't learn:
- Not to make baby blankets. Currently have another OTN from the same Vogue book. This one's easier though as it's stripes, not intarsia. When it's finally finished, will post pics.

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Hawkesley said...

Wow, what a gorgeous baby blanket. It must have taken you ages but it looks wonderful so definitely worth it! I bet your brother and SIL were so pleased with such a special gift.