Sunday, October 29, 2006

Pink bed socks: two pairs

Another recently-completed FO. Two, in fact. Witness, two super-duper pairs of bed socks in pink.

The story:

Pattern: from Knitting Vintage Socks, Nancy Bush.

Yarn: The body of both pairs uses Angel Yarns hand-dyed sock yarn. I bought two orders of Colourway 4 and found a remarkable difference between them, as I suppose one must expect from hand-dyed. More of this later. For now we'll just call them Colourway 4 (pale) and Colourway 4-Alt (bright). The tops and toes are done in Opal Uni in raspberry for the brighter pair and Angel Yarns solid colour pink sock yarn for the paler pair.

Recipient: These were both given to my sister Liz for her birthday this year at the end of September.

My sister spotted the lovely soft-looking ribbed pattern for these bed socks on the cover of Bush's book. She asked me to make her some for her birthday and picked out the yarn from my stash. She wanted pink socks and liked the AY colourways. Cols 4 and 4-Alt are the only ones with pink in my stash. She picked out the brighter 4-Alt but of course I promptly forgot this AND lost the brighter yarn. All I remembered was she wanted that AY hand-dyed in pink. So - A few weeks later, and months ahead of her birthday (I felt so efficient), I found the yarn and needles and made a pair in Colourway 4, which you see here as the light-coloured ones. They were done quite quickly, with no problems. The pattern was easy and fun to knit. When the socks were finished I put them away and got on with other, mightier knitting projects. Imagine my dismay when one day, digging through my yarn stash, I found the much brighter Colourway 4-Alt and realised THAT was the one she'd picked out. Bugger. Several months had elapsed since completing the first pair and it was now about 10 minutes until my sister's birthday. I picked up that bright pink yarn and knit like the devil, putting everything else on hold to get them done in time. She was delighted with her two pairs of pink socks, which is great. I do wonder if I've set some sort of precedent, and now my family will never feel satisfied with a gift of one pair. I guess that's what you get for congratulating yourself on being ahead of the knitting game.

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Hawkesley said...

Lovely bed socks! I must try that pattern in the future :-)